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Gris Gonçalves
Portuguese Dobermann Note (Kublaikhan Von Némesis)

Hi Dobermanns fans!!!

 Time to time, I'd like to introduce some interesting history about the owners and theirs beloved dobermanns, and at the beginning I show you a history of a great champion of my personal Portuguese friends, nothing less them "Kublaikhan Von Nemesis", the first dobermann actually in Portugal, and some of the most in the Europe.

  My sincere congratulations to the owers Cidalia & Nuno, and to the breeders Klaus and Jurgen Pfisterer, one of the best and serious dobermann breeders, always making great champions for the last years. Have a look at

So, hope you enjoy it!

Gris Goncalves

  "The kubi entered our lives with 2 and a half months when I decided to bring him to Portugal in December 2007.
It was always a very loving dog and great character.
He entered his first show at 6 months and then never stopped. always with excellent results.
You can follow his career through the website:
This year was the culmination of hard work and commitment to an arduous path, but it became one of the most beautiful moments of our lives, since was like a gift to our efforts. I personally went to beach for riding with him during more them 30 minutes, three times a week on the last three months, just to have him in a very good shape. So, there is no doubt that I feel very proud!
I enclose some photos representative of those moments, such as: Photo of IDC - Sweden - Sieger 2008 Puppy, and photos of this year in Slovakia.

Hope you like!

Yours sincerely,

Cidalia & Nuno"


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