IDC Working World Championship 2011 ITALY

By Gris Gonçalves - Exlusive by Dobermannbreeders


  On the last 13th ANd 14th May, we have had the IDC Working World Championship 2011 in Italy.

  The champion for the 2nd time was the Ottomac from Italy, which have had 2 points more of the last year in Slovakia, in the total 292 with the perfection with 100 points at A test, the only one dog to achieve the maximun, giving him the high performance, inorder to give the first place to the Italian Team as well on this very important competition, with lots and lots trainning hours to achieve the perfection.

As follow, I may show the link of the best of IDC WV 2011, photos and videos at the first hand from one of the greatest trainner, brillant photographer and dobermann lover, my personal friend Lucie Skopolova from Czech Republic, as see:

who has achieved the highest goodwork on K9 School Dog of one of the most important trainners in Europe , Ludek Silhavy that is very well known in US due the workship developed with Ray Carlile.

Enjoy it!!!!!

Gris Goncalves
Brazil - IDC Delegate
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