The present time in the International Dobermann Club

By Gris Gonçalves - Exlusive Dobermannbreeders


 I'm Gris Goncalves,  I'm Brazilian but I live in France a partime year, where I follow the best I can, all the importants dog shows, in special taking as focus the Dobermann breed, no matter what if working championships or beauty exhibitions.

 So that, I'd like to tell you a little bit about my story at the beginning as Dobermann lover.

 This story begins in 2000 when my husband Moacyr de Oliveira, has bought a male and a female Dobermann American standard puppies. On occasion, sincerelly I was not feeling too enthusiastic with the idea, due to the our way of living, as we used to travel around the world a couple of times a year, and I knew for sure that the dogs would take a lot of mannaging to live them  during our trips.

 My point of view, has changed  completly in two weeks at that time, exactly when the two puppies have done the surgery of cutting the ears. The female have had some problem after, and I could not be indifferent. Immediately I was very involved with, taking all of care of the dressings and relieving her pain. At this step, there was no doubt that I was already falling in love of her, and this feeling never has more changed, taking both of them as party of family.

  Later that, our usual trips had been made, taking in consideration the importants Show Dogs, including the USA Nationals, FCI World Dog Shows, Crufts and specially IDC (International Dobermann Club) Shows in Europe.

  Really, we became very involved with the breed that there was no way. We have bought everything we found out about the breed: books, videos and magazines. At that time, we were already completly in love with the Dobermanns, and this passion was growing more and more as much as we learned about them. Probably many of you understanding very well what I mean, sharing our life with these wonderful creatures.

  Two years later we have had introduced our Letter of Intention in name of Dobermann Clube de São Paulo – Brazil, to became officially member of IDC during a Congress in Italy. Our proposal have had the support by our friends of France, Italy and Portugal, and was accepted by unamity by the board. It means that Brazil has been the first member of South America and the second one of the South Hemisphere, the UDC in America was already a member.

  As IDC Delegate from Brazil, I've been participating every year at Congress and Show, as official member of IDC. I've been improved my knowlegde of Dobemann breed, respecting the official FCI standard.

  I intend to provide all of you my friends, the news from our breed in Europe, covering the best as possible, beauty and working shows, trainning courses and one of the most important, the health and diseases issues, inorder to give you a exactly idea what happens here with commitment with the facts, without any trend, controversy or dispute, avoiding the known and too old cliche: American x European" . Dobermann is just really one, a single worldwide, but giving opportunity to know further more about our beloved Dobermann breed. Long life for them!

  In the next article, I'll report everything about the IDC  World Championship 2010 that will take place in Vborve – Slovakia, from 4th to 6th June.  Be in touch!!!

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